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Excerpts of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Click the question to see the full answer.

What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation is a low moisture method for cleaning carpets.  Encapsulation utilizes new polymer technology that forms a distinct crystal.  As the carpet is scrubbed the soil is released from the fiber and is now suspended in the polymer.  As the polymer dries it forms a crystal that breaks away from the fiber.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

A spot can be removed, a stain usually cannot. A stain occurs when the staining material has penetrated the fiber through the dye sites. Once the stain has become lodged in the dye sites, it will most likely not come out. There are some heat transfer techniques with a steam iron that can open up

How often do I need my carpet cleaned?

This is entirely relative to surrounding circumstances. A good maintenance company should be able to analyze this based on the amount of traffic the carpet receives. There are some commercial buildings we clean once a year and some high traffic buildings we clean once a week.

What needs to be done to make my marble look good?

Once marble has lost its clarity and gloss from scratches, they must be removed. This procedure is called honing and it is very similar to sanding a wood floor. When sanding a wood floor, one would begin with a 60 grit sand paper to remove the scratches, then work your way up to a 220

I really like the look of natural stone, what kind should I choose for my floor?

This is a complicated question and a sensitive issue. If you ask an architect, designer, installer or a maintenance specialist, you will get all different answers. The designer will go with what looks good, the installer will go with the easiest to install and the maintenance specialist will tell you the easiest to maintain and

Why is granite more expensive to restore than marble?

To put it simply, granite is much harder than marble. Marble is approximately as hard as your fingernail, while granite is approximately as hard as stainless steel. For this reason, granite requires very expensive materials and much more labor. It is important to remember that granite is more expensive to restore than marble but it

Is there anything my janitorial firm can do to keep the floor looking good?

Absolutely. This is vital. Think of it this way, a janitorial firm is responsible for dust and dirt. A maintenance company is responsible for gloss and scratches. If a janitorial firm is not properly cleaning the floor, then the dust and dirt will create scratches and dullness. Keeping a natural stone floor clean is very

Why does my granite continue to turn white with mineral deposits?

This is a common problem that should not occur. These mineral formations happen when the granite is subject to water from somewhere. Most of the time the water is from under the stone. As the water turns into water vapor, the water enters the atmosphere and leaves behind the minerals and other contaminates that were

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