Interior Maintenance Specialists
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Frequently Asked Questions


How often do my carpets need to be cleaned?

Answer 1

Do you guarantee the removal of all spots and stains?

How long will it take to clean the carpet?

Will this disturb my business?

What can my janitorial staff do to help care for my carpets?


How often does my stone need to be sealed and cleaned?


Why is professional cleaning and sealing necessary?

What kind of cleaning and sealing products do you use?

How can we prevent cracks, discoloration, or dullness?

How can my janitorial staff help prolong the life of my stone?

Hard Surface Areas

What kind of hard surface areas do you service?


 How often do I need to have my hard surface area serviced?

How often do I need to strip and wax my floors?

Will your services disturb my business?

What can my janitorial staff do to care for my floors between maintenance services?

Flood Restoration FAQ

How long will it take for my building to dry after a flood?

Will my floors or belongings need to be replaced?

Do you guarantee 24/7/365 service?

Do you manage sewage contamination?

Can my janitorial staff help to manage floods?


For information:

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