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Flood Restoration

Timely response is the key to effective flood restoration of carpets and wood surfaces. IMS has a 24 hour emergency water removal team! In case of a flood emergency, call 214-351-9390.




Any undue delay in removing the water can result in expensive damage such as warping of wood surfaces or the growth of mold or mildew in your carpets.

Categories of Water Damage


Category 1, Clean water

     Clean water source examples include, but are not limited to:

Broken pipes, tub or sink overflows, many appliance malfunctions, falling rain water but not that which flows over the ground or through multiple structural components, broken toilet bowls in some cases.

 Category 2, “Gray” water

Unsanitary or gray water contains some degree of contamination.

 Gray water source examples include but are not limited to:

Overflows from dishwashers, washing machines or toilet

bowls with some urine (no feces),

broken aquariums, and

punctured water beds.

 Category 3, “Black” water

     Black water source examples include:

Sewage, urine and feces, dangerous chemicals, medical waste, sea water, ground surface water rising from streams or rivers, pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic organic substances.

The 72 Hour Rule

The 72 hour rule is for MOLD!!

Mold only needs 72 hours to start growing if the correct procedures have not been done after a wall has become wet or even damp.


Mold will grow under these conditions:

  • No Light
  • No Air flow
  • Damp area


To keep mold from growing, make sure that after water has been extracted, each wall affected by water needs to be punched and have air movers on them.


If there is vinyl wall paper, raise the vinyl and have air movers on this part of the wall.  Mold can grow under vinyl due to no light and no air movement.


 The first thing to do in a water emergency is to stop or control the source of water.


Knowing these facts puts you in control of an emergency situation and stops the waste of your assets and protects your budget.  You are the customer and you can be in control of these emergencies.


All building engineers and facility managers are welcome to attend our full training program that will result in full certification through the IICRC in water damage and restoration.

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