Frequently Asked Questions


How often do my carpets need to be cleaned?

The frequency of carpet cleanings depends on the amount of traffic is in the area you need cleaned and the kind of carpet you have. We generally recommend cleaning your carpets at least annually because the carpets do trap allergens and dust in the air. Even if your carpets look nice, it may be time to clean them. For an accurate estimate of how often you will need your carpets professionally maintained, please reach out to us. We’d love to work with you to create a maintenance program tailored exactly to your needs.

Do you guarantee spot and stain removal?

We do not guarantee the removal of all stains, although we can remove most pigmentation from your carpets. Most spots do not actually penetrate the fibers of the carpet, but once that happens it can be almost impossible to remove. With our high heat technology, we can remove many stains and make almost all of them look better than before, but we cannot remove all stains completely.

Will carpet cleaning disturb my business?

We will work with to create a maintenance schedule that will not disturb your business, whether than means doing maintenance after work hours or in small, sectioned off areas.

How long will cleaning take? How long until we can walk in the area?

Cleaning generally takes a few hours and we recommend not walking on the area within 6-8 hours of cleaning, depending on the procedure we use. Our staff can help you determine what maintenance program would be best suited to your business.

Can my janitorial staff spot clean my carpets in between maintenance?

The efforts on the part of your janitorial staff to maintain your carpets are vital to the longevity of your floors. We train your staff and sell products to remove small stains, clean spills, and properly care for your carpets in between specialty maintenance.

Natural Stone

How often does my natural stone need to be cleaned and maintained?

The frequency of the cleaning and sealing of your natural stone depends on how much traffic is in the area that needs to be maintained and what kind of stone is going to be maintained. We generally recommend sealing your stone annually. We have some clients who require cleanings quarterly and some who require cleanings annually. Please contact one of our staff and we will work with you to meet your needs with a maintenance program tailored to you.

how can my janitorial staff do to help prevent cracks, discoloration, and dullness?

Your janitorial staff is very important in the continual care of your natural stone. We train and sell products designed to help your staff address small cracks, discoloration and dullness. Please contact our staff for more information about our training programs and products.

Will Maintenance appointments disturb my business?

We will work with you to create a program that does not disturb your business, whether that requires us to work after your business hours or to section off small areas at a time. Our staff can assist you in scheduling times to maintain your floor without disturbing your business. Please give a call or contact us through our website so we can design a program tailored to your needs.

Hard Surface

How often do I need to clean and wax my hard surface floors?

Cleaning and waxing your floors depends on how much traffic is in the area. We do reduce the need to strip the wax on your floors by up to 80% while maintaining sanitized floors with a glossy finish. Please contact us for a detailed maintenance program designed to exceed your needs within your budget.

What kind of hard surface floors do you service?

We service all hard surface floors including VCT, LVT, ceramic tile, and more. Our staff can help you find the best maintenance program for your floors. Please reach out to us and we can work with you to determine the best maintenance program within your budget for you.

Will this disturb my business?

We will work with you to create a maintenance program that will not disturb your business, either by working after business hours or within small sections.

IS there anything my janitorial staff do to help upkeep our floors?

We partner with your janitorial staff to keep your floors in the best shape possible by training your staff how to properly care and maintain your floors with our specialty line of products. Please send us an inquiry and we can create a detailed maintenance program that partners with your janitorial staff.

How long will flood restoration take?

This depends on the area and severity of the flood. We work 24/7/365 for all emergency floods and work as quickly as possible to get your business back up and running. While many other companies focus only on floods, we do water extractions as well as floor restoration to get your interiors looking good as new after the tragedy of a flood.

Will my floors need to be replaced?

Depending on the severity of the flood and the damage caused to the floors, the floors may need to be replaced. Our staff will meet with you 24/7/365 to get you an estimate and create a restoration plan to meet your needs.

Do you service sewage contamination?

We cannot service sewage contamination but will happily refer to someone who can if need be.

Is there anything my janitorial staff can do for small leaks?

We can train janitorial staff to handle small leaks and floods, if necessary. We can rent out equipment and products so that your staff can get your interiors looking better than ever. Please reach out to us for more information about our flood restoration program.

Flood Restoration