Commercial Wood Maintenance

Our staining, polishing, and refinishing services are designed to reduce your labor costs. We get your hardwood interiors looking as good as possible, exceeding your expectations, through advanced services and techniques. Please contact us so we can give you a maintenance or restoration program that meets your needs and gives you back your beautiful hardwood floors.


Without proper cleaning and maintenance, hardwood floors can slowly deteriorate over time, leaving you with subpar wood floors. Regular maintenance and cleaning services can keep your wood floors looking beautiful and professional.


Polishing your wood floors and interiors can provide an amazing shine and color to your wood floors. Regular maintenance programs often include polishing in order to keep you wood floors in the best condition possible.


Our refinishing and restoration services breathe life into floors that have suffered damage. IMS offers amazing refinishing and restoration services that will bring your wood floors back to life. Please contact us for a free quote or demo.