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Resilient Flooring Restoration and Maintenance Services


VCT, LVT, and More!

Resilient flooring such as Vinyl Composite Tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Nora flooring, tile and grout, and linoleum are highly specialized floor designed to resist mildew and stains. Even still, many have problems with finishes, often due to improper maintenance of wax and floor finishes. With our new products, we reduce the need to strip wax by over 80% by actually cleaning the wax. This process reduces time and labor costs, causes less dust, has no odor, and is more sanitary than traditional waxing and stripping methods. We provide a wax that does not yellow over time with a finish that shines beautifully.

  • Reduce the need to strip finishes by over 80%

  • More sanitary than traditional stripping and waxing

  • Leaves a beautiful shine with exceptional clarity

  • Environmentally friendly, Green Seal Certified, exceeds ASTM-D standards

  • Slip-resistant, resistant to hand sanitizer

  • Reduces turnaround time of a room from 1.5-2hrs to 20-30min

  • Less dust and odor, meaning less patient or business disturbance


Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Restoration and Maintenance

Our system is groundbreaking, allowing us to restore your floors to their original finish while maintaining slip resistance and sanitation. This is the perfect technology to use anywhere where sanitation is prioritized, such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, or schools.

We have extensive experience working with hospitals and businesses to meet their needs, solve their problems, and reduce their maintenance costs. Contact us for a detailed maintenance program that will exceed your expectations while staying in your budget.

Drastic Reduction in Stripping Finishes

Our system reduces the need to strip wax by over 80%. This picture is of a facility that has no been waxed in over a year. With our products and techniques, we actually clean the wax, ridding it of embedded dirt. This is a virtually odor free process with very little dust during the burnishing process.

Our system leaves your floors with a great shine while still being slip-resistant. Based on technology that is used to deep clean plastics, our products penetrate up to four layers of floor finish, sanitizing and cleaning them. This allows us to add wax without stripping.

Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Photo courtesy of Alex Guttman

Bathrooms are No Longer A Problem

We frequently hear complaints about how pesky bathroom floors can be, and our system directly combats that. No more sticky finishes, no more discoloration, and no more stripping finishes! Our system works great on even the most damaged bathroom floors.

Schedule a free demo with us and let us show you how great your bathroom floors can look with our maintenance program.